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I’m John Masson a photographer who specialises in portraiture photography. I love everything about studio shooting. getting a connection with the subject models building up trust , making them feel at ease once you have that connection you yourself can enjoy the shoot and the models themselves also can enjoy the experience and get great shots. i have worked with the mill magazine and had my my fashion work published in their magazine, also had work published in the paisley daily express.

born in 1974 it wasn’t until 2010 i really decided that photography was a hobby i would like to start to take up. so i enrolled for Saturday classes to learn all about the canon dslr and also dark room film developing which is amazing to see the image you took revealing before your very eyes. once the classes stopped i was wanting to learn more, so i enrolled for portraiture and i was hooked all about lighting engaging with the subjects getting great images. as i needed to work full time doing jobs i did not like for 9 yrs i decided that i needed to to whats right for me and my sanity back to my passion photography. Aug 2019 i enrolled to to my HNC/HND in photography i want to graduate and continue my new career in a profession i love photography.

my passion is portraiture but i also do documentary, street photography, stock, tattoo portraiture, architecture, to name but a few.

I have a disclosure so that folk know that I am legit and honest photographer. that loves photography in fact its fair to say it has changed my life. I have also had my work published in the mill magazine and the paisley daily express.

John Masson

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