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John Masson

hi am John Masson a photographer who specialises in portraiture and love all things about studio portrait shooting. I also do documentary, street, architecture, tattoo modelling shoots, to name but a few. I am based in Glasgow but travelling doesn't concern me i love my job.

at the age of 45 i have finally found my calling in life, although ive been doing photography since 2010, its only recently ive left my full time job went back to college and is now in the process of doing an HNC/HND in photography, as i want to graduate and get certificates.
Life as a photographer started back in 2010 when i only wanted a hobby. so i went to Saturday classes learned how to use the canon dslr camera and also learn dark room film processing which is amazing. after college part time i used to just go and take photos everywhere but later found i had an eye for doing portraits. i love engaging with the subjects models. i find it better when you get to know the subject about them build up a connection make them feel at ease and then instant connection and you get that special shot.

over the years i needed a full time job to pay bills but i was never happy doing something you dont like is not healthy. so Aug 2019 i enrolled to pursue my new career in photography and no stopping me now.

John Masson

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